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Bangladesh Fraud Peer Dewanbagi Claimed himself Allah !
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Bangladeshi fraud peer Dewanbagi Claimed himself Allah in a speech (Nauzubillah). His Followers Also Claimed That Dewanbaghi is Better Than Rasul (pbuh) (Nauzubillah) .

Dewanbagi born on December 14, 1949, in Bahadurpur village under Ashuganj thana in Brahmanbaria district. The name of his father is the Abdur Rashid Sarker and of his mother is Zobeda Khatun . In 1975 He married the fourth daughter of Chandrapuri.

In recent years dewanbaghi introduced a fraud program named Muhammadi Islam. he claimed its the real ideals of the Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm), then he started to taking efforts to make man so-called ashek (lover) by arranging World Ashek-e-Rasul (Sm) Conference. then his some followers started following and practising the guidelines given by dewanbaghi in recent years many people have become so-called Asheks-e-Rasul.

his agents claimed thet, "By following and practicing the guidelines given by Dewanbagi, many follower have been fortunate to see Hazrat Rasul (Sm) in dream and in moraqaba (meditation)"
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Dewanbaghi Fraud
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