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How Dewanbaghi cheating with us
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Bangladeshi fraud peer Dewanbagi Claimed himself Allah in a speech (Nauzubillah). His Followers Also Claimed That Dewanbaghi is Better Than Rasul (pbuh) (Nauzubillah). Cheater Dewanbaghi Claimed his many fans think him as a prophet. He Also Claimed Mother Fatima (Sm) his an spech he asked his followers "how lifeless Quran help you ?"

Dewanbagi born on December 1949, Bahadurpur village in Brahmanbaria . his father Abdur Rashid Sarker and motherZobeda Khatun . In 1975 He married the fourth daughter of Chandrapuri.

Recently dewanbaghi introduced a fraud program named Muhammadi Islam. he claimed its the real ideals of the Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm), then he started to taking efforts to make man so-called ashek (lover). then his some followers started following the guidelines given by dewanbaghi in recent years many people have become so-called Asheks-e-Rasul.

his agents claimed "By following the guidelines given by Dewanbagi, many follower have been fortunate to see Hazrat Rasul (Sm) in dream"
Taslima Nasrin Betaten
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Dewanbaghi Fraud
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Sahabi Tree
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